Partnership Opportunities

Thrive in Partnership

Rowan Education Partners (REP) dedicated team will work to cultivate opportunities for institutions seeking enrollment growth and credential innovation to reach the learners institutions are best positioned to serve.

Through careful analysis and tactical decision making, strategic partners will have access to, and be able to leverage, our vast experience in higher education as well as the many resources we, as well as other strategic partners, bring to the table. As a strategic partner, your institution will join a growing number of traditional, accredited institutions, seeking to identify opportunities for shared resources, realize synergies and economies of scale, and drive collaboration, all while adding value to each institution and student success.

Also as partners, institutions retain their name, accreditation status, governance, and academic independence and control, while having access to an unlimited number of collaborative opportunities with other institutions as well as Rowan University, including the creation of educational program pathways, research and scholarly activities, library, and DEI resources.

Strategic partner institutions gain full access to a framework of services and solutions, which brings proprietary methodologies and demonstrated experience to student centric solutions for enrollment management and operations, with focus on student support services to optimize the student experience across the student lifecycle. It’s a framework built so that affiliates can concentrate on what matters most to students — the teaching and learning experience.

Solutions On-Demand

For institutions seeking to improve efficiencies and return on investment in designated areas of operations and enrollment management services, Rowan Education Solutions (RES) provides innovative, on-demand solutions that optimize student life cycle services and administrative operations.

Become a strategic partner and discover new opportunities to drive collaboration and add value for your institution and its students.

Meet our inaugural partner

Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, Fielding Graduate University is a non-profit private institution offering graduate degrees and certificates in the fields of psychology, leadership, and education to adult and non-traditional learners.

Forge a Future of Growth and Innovation

Start a conversation with our dedicated team at Rowan Education Partners and explore how our extensive and collaborative network and expertise in enrollment management and credential innovation can build a pathway to success and sustainability for your institution. All while preserving your autonomy and enhancing student experiences.